Sinopec became the sixth partner of the 2008 Olymp

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Sinopec becomes the sixth partner of the 2008 Olympic Games

Sinopec becomes the sixth partner of the 2008 Olympic Games

October 13, 2004

who will miss the gold lettered signboard of "Beijing 2008 Olympic Games partner"? After repeated consultations and negotiations lasting for half a year, China Stone closed 710 up 0.92%, and finally won the agreement of "Petrochemical partner of Beijing 2008 Olympic Games" yesterday. This is the Sixth Beijing 2008 Olympic partner after Volkswagen (China), Bank of China, China Mobile, China connect and Air China

■ Sinopec: there is no suspense about cooperation

according to informed sources, the sponsorship of Beijing for the high-precision 2008 Olympic Games includes both international and domestic aspects, that is, the sixth phase of the International Olympic Committee global partnership plan provides support for the entire Olympic movement on an international scale, including supporting the Beijing Olympic Games; The Beijing 2008 Olympic Games sponsorship plan provides an electronic computer-based universal material testing machine for the 2008 Olympic Games within the host country, which is suitable for the tensile testing of rubber, plastics, textiles, waterproof materials, wires and cables, ropes, wires, metal rods, metal plates and other materials

in addition to the sponsors of the sixth phase of the global partnership program, the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games sponsorship program also includes three levels, namely, Beijing 2008 Olympic Games partners, Beijing 2008 Olympic Games sponsors and Beijing 2008 Olympic Games suppliers (exclusive suppliers/suppliers)

each level above sets the benchmark price of sponsorship. At the same level, the benchmark prices of different categories will also vary to reflect the differences between different industries. Sponsors at different levels enjoy different marketing rights, and sponsors enjoy the exclusive right of market development within the geographical scope of the host country (including the ability to increase the impact resistance and tightening performance of carbon fiber reinforced epoxy resin components, including the joint exclusive right)

there is no doubt that if we can get the highest level sponsorship list of Beijing 2008 Olympic Games partners, both brand promotion and corporate image will have a qualitative change. According to international practice, BOCOG's sponsorship of petroleum and petrochemical sponsors is divided into two categories: fuel oil and lubricating oil. Sinopec's petrochemical partner for the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games this time belongs to the sponsorship program of lubricants

from the selection criteria of BOCOG for sponsors, Sinopec is the appropriate "selected object" in terms of qualification, guarantee, quotation, brand and promotion. Sinopec's 800million win in F1 has attracted more international attention to Sinopec and the Great Wall Lubricant launched by SINOPEC

zhangjiaren, senior vice president of Sinopec, told that Sinopec would launch the Olympic publicity plan and marketing plan in the near future, and the Olympic Games would become the carrier for Sinopec to achieve internationalization

■ PetroChina: work low-key and win low-key

who will become the fuel partner of Beijing 2008 Olympic Games? The relevant person of BOCOG said that fuel sponsors other than petrochemicals are being solicited recently, and there is no timetable for the final announcement of fuel partners. According to a person familiar with the situation, PetroChina and the Beijing Organizing Committee for the games of the XXIX Olympiad (BOCOG) are in talks about the fuel partner for the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games, and it is estimated that the results will be announced in the near future

judging from the sponsorship quotation factor, it will cost at least tens of millions of dollars to obtain the petrochemical partner qualification for the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games. It is unlikely that Sinopec will continue to pursue its fuel partner, not to mention that PetroChina seems unlikely to sit idly by and ignore the publicity opportunities it may lose

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