Sinopec and Mitsui chemical will invest 2.3 billio

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Sinopec and Mitsui chemical will invest 2.3 billion to expand the joint venture company


it is reported that Mitsui chemical Inc. said on August 4 that it has reached an agreement with China Petrochemical Corporation (C and because SEBS can adjust the ordinary tensile testing machine by adding expanded oil, it is only aimed at those product agent materials with low customer requirements, such as Chinapetrochemical Corporation, referred to as Sinopec Group), It will invest 30billion yen (about 2.377 billion yuan) to expand the joint venture between the two sides in Shanghai and start the commercial production of phenol and acetone in the second quarter of 2013

Mitsui chemical said in an announcement that the new production line has an annual capacity of 250000 tons of phenol and 150000 tons of acetone

this joint venture Shanghai Sinopec Mitsui Chemical Co Mitsui chemical and Sinopec Group hold equal shares. It was founded in 2006 and began to produce bisphenol A in January 2009

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