Sinopec continues to promote the circulation of mi

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Sinopec continues to promote the circulation of mineral rights blocks

Sinopec continues to promote the circulation of mineral rights blocks

December 7, 2018

on December 5, the on-site handover meeting of the circulation of mineral rights blocks of Sinopec was held in Chengdu, Sichuan Province, and the transfer unit and the undertaking unit officially signed the transfer agreement of mineral rights blocks. The mining right blocks of Tongnanba and Baise oilfields of Southwest Oil and gas company were officially transferred to Zhongyuan Oilfield and Jiangsu Oilfield respectively, and the mining right blocks of Zhangwu oilfield of northeast oil and gas company were officially transferred to Jianghan Oilfield. This is another specific action taken by Sinopec to continuously promote the circulation of mining rights blocks from simple sales and u-hook adapters after the completion of the circulation of Xunyi Yijun mining rights block in southern Hubei last year, which will help promote the rapid exploration of reserves, the rapid construction of production capacity, and the rapid production of Chinese coating materials from oil and gas

Tongnanba mining right block is located in the northeast of Sichuan Basin, covering an area of 1054 square kilometers. Baise Oilfield Mining Right block is located in Baise basin in Western Guangxi, covering an area of 402 square kilometers. The mining right block of Zhangwu oilfield is located in the Zhangwu fault depression in the south of Songliao Basin, with an area of 685 square kilometers

the main person in charge of the oilfield business department said that increasing the circulation of internal mineral rights blocks can break the pattern of "painting the ground as a prison", comprehensively optimize and revitalize the mineral rights resources, reserves resources, technical resources, human resources and equipment resources of the oilfield sector, affect machine performance, give full play to the overall advantages, innovate institutional mechanisms, speed up the pace of high-quality exploration and benefit development, and promote rapid exploration of reserves, rapid construction of production capacity and rapid production of oil and gas, Realize the transformation from ineffective to effective, and constantly expand the scale

on the basis of summarizing the experience of Xunyi Yijun mining right block circulation in southern Hubei, the oilfield business department studied and formulated the implementation measures for oil and gas mining right block circulation, and established a normalization working mechanism for block circulation of internal competitive development. In May, Langdai and Anshun oil and gas exploration blocks in Guizhou Province were transferred from East China oil and gas company to exploration company. In July, after research, screening and evaluation, and docking with enterprises, three blocks including Tongnanba, Baise Oilfield and Zhangwu oilfield were selected and included in the circulation scope, and six oilfield enterprises actively applied for undertaking. At the end of September, the oilfield business department organized the review of the circulation of mining right blocks, and determined the undertaking unit in the form of open competition

at present, the transfer unit and the undertaking unit have fully completed the transfer of three mining rights blocks, including Tongnanba, Sichuan, to achieve the goals of no contradiction between supply and demand, no disorderly management, safe operation, stability and order. This marks that the circulation block has entered a new stage of exploration and development

it is reported that the oilfield business department will establish a block operation and management library for the circulation of mineral rights, manage the investment plan, operate and calculate independently, and assess and cash independently, so as to ensure the block circulation work as soon as possible. 8. See the results after the sample breaks. At the same time, they will further study and screen high potential mineral rights blocks, increase circulation, manage, move and activate existing mineral rights resources and reserve resources, and accelerate the promotion of increasing reserves, production and efficiency

it is understood that after taking over the Xunyi Yijun block in southern Hubei last year, Henan Oilfield has increased its efforts to resume production, strengthened technological innovation and management innovation, and adopted a new management mechanism of the project department. At present, 46 well platforms and 120 wells have been resumed production, and it is expected to produce 25000 tons of crude oil this year, which has seen remarkable results in the circulation of mining rights blocks

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