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PTC: navigate content references and topic references in the service manual application

a pre-established system designed around specific document types (such as service manuals) allows you to quickly start implementing Dita in a low-risk way. Now, a ready-made solution (based on Dita) for service manuals has been launched

The service manual application (SMA) helps create service manuals. It makes it easy to create and reuse information, reuse components of information (content references), or documents when tightening the head flange nuts completely (subject references). This article will demonstrate how to use content references and topic references in SMA

theme reuse:

in Figure 1, you can see ditamap of SMA example. We can reuse it by referencing a topic in the Explorer on the left. The topic can be located in a file system or in a content management system such as Windchill

select the topic in Explorer. In this example, we choose ta

explorer to allow you to find the topic you want through the file system or content management system. It also filters by type, as shown in the first drop-down box. The second drop-down box allows you to select the type of data you want to insert, including bumpers, door panels, seat rear covers, cylindrical mouldings, door trim panels, instrument panels, head and side impact areas, fenders and horns, tail lamp housings, and fairings. In this case, this will be "topicref" (for topic reference)

place the cursor on ditamap where you want to insert the topic. In this example, we place the cursor under interior and above brakes (Figure 2)

click Insert on Explorer to place this topic reference in ditamap

now, the topic "engine" is referenced in ditamap (Figure 3). Its position in SMA ditamap also automatically defines it as a chapter

by clicking "enginetuneup1", we can insert this theme in the same way, but this time the logo is inserted under the "engine" theme (Figure 4) and is not fixed in an obvious position.

reuse of content:

double click the "enginetuneup1" theme in ditamap. This will display the topic in a separate Explorer (Figure 5)

place the cursor in the "smasteps" tag, and expand the "hazard library" topic in the "content references" pane of Explorer (Figure 6)

The Explorer is context aware, so it will display the allowed "conref"

according to the cursor position. Select the first hazard declaration in the explorer, Then click "insert chart 1 and drain into) submission;". This will insert this "conref" into the topic, as shown in Figure 7

SMA allows authors to reuse information at the topic level and content level when creating service manuals

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