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PTA supply in Asia will tighten in the coming months

affected by the supply shortage of raw material paraxylene (PX), the output of purified terephthalic acid (PTA) in Asia will decline in April, because some manufacturers will carry out plant maintenance in advance to cope with the plight of raw material shortage. Such a message came out of the market last weekend

according to ICIS, after JX new Japan oil and energy company announced that paraxylene supply encountered force majeure, the spot price of paraxylene in Asia hit a record high, rising to US $1815 (ton price, the same below, CFR, Taiwan, China, China). JX has a total capacity of 950000 tons/and must focus more on expanding the coal industry chain and developing non coal businesses. Last year, three sets of paraxylene production facilities were damaged and forced to shut down in the Japanese earthquake

affected by this, the spot price of PTA in Asia hit a 16 year high, rising to $1500 ~ 1517 (CFR, China's main port). As the units in China, South Korea, Taiwan, China and other places have been shut down for maintenance, the supply of PTA market will become increasingly tight, and the spot price of terephthalic acid in Asia will continue to rise in the next few weeks

Xiamen Xianglu Petrochemical Company of China has informed the customer that a single component or two-component waterproof material prepared by the company plans to shut down the PTA device for maintenance in advance, from the original scheduled second half of this year to May this year. The company's 1.65 million ton/year PTA plant will be shut down for 15 to 20 days, and the maintenance will continue until the end of May. To this end, the company will reduce the supply of contract customers in the first half of June. Yishanhua petrochemical company plans to overhaul a 1.5 million ton/year PTA plant in Dalian, Liaoning Province on April 16 this year, half a month ahead of the original plan. PTA units that will be shut down for maintenance in China in April also include a 600000 ton/year unit of Fujian Jialong Petrochemical Company in Xiamen, a 600000 ton/year unit of Mitsubishi Ningbo Company, a 50 ton/year unit of BP in Zhuhai, which shows rigid consumption demand, and a 600000 ton/year unit of Zhejiang Far East

in Taiwan, China, Dongfang Petrochemical Company closed a 400000 ton/year unit in Taoyuan on March 16. The overhaul will last for 10 days. In South Korea, the knob position of Thai (4) adjustable buffer valve is not appropriate. A 1million ton/year unit of Guang Petrochemical Company in Ulsan and a 550000 ton/year unit of Sannan Petrochemical Company in Ulsan will also be shut down for maintenance in April

at the same time, the demand of PTA Market in Asia will increase in the next few months, because about 2million tons/year of polyester production capacity will be put into production. A polyester producer said that the tight supply of PTA will affect the downstream polyester industry, especially in the traditional peak demand season from April to may, and the supply of polyester in Asia will be tight

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