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PTT polyester staple is a new polyester. Compared with ordinary polyester fiber, PTT fiber developed with it has the advantages of strong elastic recovery, good dyeing performance, UV resistance, absorption. Of course, there are several small workshops with low water rate, anti-wear, less static electricity and so on. In the clothing manufacturing industry, especially in the production of swimwear, it can replace PA fiber and spandex; There is a huge market potential in the field of nonwovens

at present, the new polyester PTT staple fiber product developed by Liaoyang Petrochemical Fiber Company in cooperation with Shanghai Donghua University and Shanghai Jingwei Co., Ltd. has been successfully spun in Liaoyang Chemical fiber factory. This marks that the company has achieved a leading position in the production of differentiated fibers. Engineering plastics are increasingly replacing traditional materials in some fields. The application of thermoplastic honeycomb materials in automotive, aerospace and other fields is gratifying

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