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PTS consulting brings its workplace into the future through ringcentral unified communication

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CTI Forum () news on June 28 (compilation/old Qin): ringcentral, Inc., a global enterprise cloud communication, collaboration and contact center solution provider, announced that PTS consulting is a technology consulting and project management company, Ringcentral's solutions are being used to provide collaboration for employees and customers. In order to achieve better connection, Pt has made changes. The vertical tensile testing machine is suitable for plastic plates, pipes and profiled materials with different angles. S consulting is committed to improving its productivity in 12 regions around the world and reducing operating costs

ringcentral eliminates the need for a variety of different solutions, integrating team messaging, video conferencing and other functions into a seamless solution. Through ringcentral, PTS Consulting provides a completely re conceived collaboration centric experience for enterprise communications

at PTS consulting, we rely on mobile collaboration and excellent connectivity to manage our customer cooperation globally and in all business areas, according to Gareth Johns, chief technology officer of PTS consulting group. Ringcentral solutions using mobile applications have replaced our traditional team collaboration solutions, providing our global employees with a truly unified communication and collaboration experience. With just a few clicks on the mobile device, you can achieve the required frictionless and efficient communication experience

according to the survey of knowledge workers commissioned by cite research by ringcentral, today's modern workers face application overload, with an average of four communication applications. The study also showed that 66% of employees need a single communication platform. The ringcentral application meets this need by allowing users to save time by not having to switch between multiple communication applications

PTS consulting company is a model of forward-looking thinking enterprise, which attaches great importance to encouraging teamwork, said sahil rekhi, managing director of ringcentral EMEA. We are happy to support their business needs and help them effectively expand their business internationally. Through our open platform, we can easily integrate with other leading cloud applications, and we look forward to working with PTS consulting to identify new methods that we can help simplify and apply in their business workflow

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