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PTA tank container market

the new PTA tank container developed by the chemical machinery plant of Nanjing Chemical Industry Co., Ltd. has the advantages of good antifouling, large loading capacity, fast and clean unloading, convenient transportation and maintenance. At present, it is gradually becoming popular in the market. With the tightening of China's waste paper import policy

in the past, PTA was generally transported by tank cars, which brought inconvenience to ocean crossing and fault maintenance. In order to solve this problem, through careful research, design and test on the structure and performance of tank cars, Nanjing Chemical Machinery Co., Ltd. decided to use tank containers to replace the original tank cars. The new tank container retains the advantage of fully enclosed loading of the original tank car in November 2013, and has been improved in terms of external size, internal structure and gas pipeline for unloading, so that the transportation volume of each tank can meet the different requirements of users. At the same time, high-pressure nitrogen is used for unloading, so that PTA in the tank can be unloaded quickly and safely, and the residual amount is also lower than the standard requirements

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