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Random talk on CTP equipment investment: Guide to purchase and use (IV)

experts suggested "wonderful things": pointing the way for newspaper printing houses

xiatianjun, consultant of Newspaper Association, especially emphasized the direction of introducing CTP into domestic newspapers in the next few years. He pointed out the following points according to the situation of using CTP in domestic newspapers in recent years and years of experience

1. The evening paper that starts printing at noon has large printing volume, tight time and strong timeliness. Using CTP can save time for the printing plant, increase the volume of the day and expand the range of readers. Therefore, CTP equipment should be used as much as possible in the printing plant of evening news

2. A newspaper group that is building or preparing to build a printing center should be in place in one step at the initial stage of establishment, directly use CTP equipment to digitize the prepress system, so as to save personnel and site and improve the comprehensive competitiveness of the enterprise

3. Newspaper printing plants with large business volume can introduce CTP equipment to further digest the business, expand the business scope, relieve the pressure brought by a large number of printing businesses, and improve the modern management level of enterprises

4. For the rapidly developing local newspapers, the printing volume of color newspapers is large, and CTP equipment can be introduced, such as Quanzhou Evening News and Foshan, which have used CTP equipment

5. Other newspaper printing plants must consider gradually using CTP equipment when their own conditions permit, rather than blindly following

two "ways": recruit commercial printing plants pengguihui of Xi'an Coal aviation company said that as a manufacturer purchasing CTP system, it should have the following characteristics: it has a certain printing scale and strong post press processing ability; Have digital quality control system and complete quality management system; In the market, it mainly focuses on fast, high-quality and short version printing of moving parts

three "ways": purchase guidance

ctp plates are different from ordinary plates. They only have a one-year storage period. Currently, imported plates are mainly used in China. However, it usually takes three months for foreign plates to enter the customs. Plus other delays, it takes six months to arrive at the factory. It is specially reminded that users should order CTP plates according to the actual consumption during the purchase process, Do not cause the backlog of plate waste

four "ways": think calmly and get on the road calmly

experts remind that before purchasing CTP equipment, you must think calmly and demonstrate in many ways. In addition, you must make full preparations before deciding to purchase CTP equipment

at the same time, the metallographic polishing machine should also rotate and move back and forth along the radius of the rotary table

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