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Talkdesk enhanced the outbound dialer suite

cti Forum () news on February 26 (it can be compiled into three types: air atomization method, pressurized water atomization method and inert gas atomization method/Lao Qin): talkdesk, Inc., an enterprise level cloud contact center solution provider, announced that its outbound dialer suite with ai injection has three new functions. The new predictive dialer, the new proactive notifications and the enhanced salesforce dialer set provide new functions for talkdesk customers, enabling organizations to effectively and legally proactively contact existing and potential customers

one of the biggest challenges faced by any call center is to miss opportunities, that is, the outbound agents cannot interact with customers due to missed or unanswered calls. Call centers waste money because of inefficiency. Tiago P. AIVA, CEO of talkdesk, said: with the help of outbound dialing program, talkdesk has greatly improved the efficiency of call center staff and ensured that the company will bring its largest resources - their customers - into more and more sales

employbridge has always been an early adopter of proactive notifications; It is the game changer of our organization, handling tens of thousands of customer interactions every day, and significantly improving our contact and success rate. Dale sturgill, vice president of operation of call center at 003oybridge, said: talkdesk has been so quick to bring new products to the market that our contact center has always been at the forefront of first-class customer service capabilities. Talkdesk enhances our future operational roadmap and is a true partner, enabling us to provide the highest level of customer service

the market urgently needs an alternative solution to replace the decentralized solutions available to today's customer experience buyers. Chalanya Kannan, chief product officer of talkdesk, said: talkdesk will continuously launch new products through our 20-in-20 plan to solve this problem through end-to-end customer experience solutions. Those with an elongation of more than 1000% can choose 1000 or 1200mm This solution sets a new standard for the contact center industry

the release of the new predictive dialer, active notification and enhanced salesforce dialer integration is part of the talkdesk program, which plans to launch 20 products from 2020, shocking the contact center industry

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