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Talking about the new market and new opportunities for the development of digital printing

variable data printing is also another specific manifestation of digital printing. It means that in digital printing, the image or text on each page can be continuously changed in one printing, that is, variable data input printing. Such a demand cannot be realized in traditional printing

first of all, we should consider whether the installation of the main part of the experimental machine is vertical after the long-term development.

variable data is a kind of on-demand printing. It meets the customers' processing of variable data and has become the most favored printing technology for every printing customer with marketing information and data. It is very effective for printing mail order advertisements or menus for restaurants and promoting product catalogs

from the current actual demand for digital printing, small batch printing and on-demand printing have developed. Only variable data printing has not increased as expected. The reason is that the digital printing industry lacks experienced database technicians, and the advantages of variable data printing are not fully explained in business activities. In fact, using the database, it is relatively simple to change the name and address printing. If you need to change the image and local content every time, you need the database processing technology. Therefore, printing companies in the United States, Japan and other countries have begun to actively employ employees with database technology experience. According to the survey data on variable data printing in the United States, for example, for the response to mail order advertising, the traditional printing

is only 2%, while the variable data printing reaches 30%, which indicates that users have begun to have a new understanding of the effect of variable data printing. From the perspective of software developers, software developers have published many database processing software, such as layout design, full page proofing, data flow, etc., which makes the processing easier. There is also a standard file format based on XML, which is not limited to the type of file, and can be completed with the same program. All these show that the expected expansion of variable data printing is increasing due to the promotion of innovation platform construction

the working principle of the digital printing system is that the servo system controls the innovation and progressiveness of the electromechanical system. In particular, the continuous progress of the software system that drives variable data printing has brought customers a more flexible, cost-effective and convenient variable data printing solution than before. Whether people want to print information and accessory patterns for different recipients, carry out cross media personalized marketing activities, or establish a network marketing means for customized communication and marketing materials, variable data printing can bring them some help. It has become a new market and new opportunity for the development of digital printing

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