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Tan Xuguang, representative of the NPC and the CPPCC: the the Belt and Road paves the blueprint for internationalization Tan Xuguang, representative of the NPC and the CPPCC: the the Belt and Road paves the blueprint for internationalization the premier proposed at the NPC and the CPPCC that we should unswervingly expand opening up during the 13th five year plan period, enhance new momentum for development, add new impetus for reform and create new competitive advantages in opening up. Promoting the construction of the "the Belt and Road" and expanding international production capacity cooperation will create excellent strategic opportunities for Chinese enterprises to go global. As one of the automobile and equipment manufacturing groups with the strongest comprehensive strength in China, Weichai group has made a good interpretation for the "made in China going global". Tanxuguang, deputy to the National People's Congress and chairman of Shandong heavy industry Weichai group, pointed out that as a new development traction, the implementation of the "the Belt and Road" strategy will effectively promote the economic and trade cooperation between China's equipment manufacturing industry and Asia, Africa and Europe, and look for new strategic cooperation opportunities for excess capacity. At the same time, Chinese enterprises' going global will also promote and force manufacturing enterprises to improve their own technology and use nut fastening technology, structural adjustment and business model innovation, and create a golden brand of made in China in the global business wave

from export trade to international mergers and acquisitions, Weichai and other leading enterprises have already begun to make global layout. In recent years, with the enhancement of the strength of Chinese enterprises and the promotion of the "the Belt and Road" strategy, the pace of internationalization is also faster and faster. In 2015, with the decline of the domestic industry, Weichai's overseas business blossomed in an all-round way. For every 100 yuan of sales revenue, 57 yuan came from the overseas market, and the profit contribution of overseas enterprises was higher

difficult integration of cross-border M & a

handlebars and cushions can be adjusted flexibly. Since the outbreak of the global financial crisis, Chinese enterprises have opened the prelude to "bottom reading" cross-border M & A. From 2009 to 2012, Shandong heavy industry Weichai group successively acquired French boduan company, Italian Faraday company, German Kaiao group and Linde hydraulic. All these mergers and acquisitions are based on the needs of strategic transformation

these European enterprises have leading core technologies. Especially after Linde hydraulic is put into operation, it will completely change the situation that China's high-end hydraulic core technology has been monopolized by foreign countries for a long time, and promote the expansion of China's equipment manufacturing industry to the high end of the value chain. At the same time, these growth businesses are also conducive to Weichai's coming out of the single mode driven by investment. Yachts, as high-end consumer goods, have broad market prospects in the world, especially in emerging countries; As a post cycle product, forklift truck is closely related to logistics development, maintaining stable growth and profitability

and this is just the beginning. Chinese enterprises' International M & A is still in its infancy, and the failure cases are far greater than the success cases. "The differences in financial statistics systems, corporate governance structures and corporate culture among different countries are great challenges facing cross-border M & A. not all enterprises can overcome this difficult process of running in. M & A depends on capital and integration depends on ability. The latter is undoubtedly a more difficult problem." Tanxuguang said frankly

for example, the corporate governance structure of Kaiao group, the world's second largest forklift manufacturer, is different from that of Weichai. Germany is the governance structure of the board of supervisors and the executive management, and their division of labor is clear and does not coincide; Most of the executive directors in China hold concurrent posts in the board of directors and management. The supervisors of the board of supervisors of German enterprises, whether from shareholders or trade unions, make decisions independently in their own name, and assume the law personally, rather than performing their duties on behalf of shareholders, which is very different from the listed companies in China

"there is no unique and best model for corporate governance. The key to the integration of overseas enterprises is to adjust measures to local conditions and manage them according to law. After the successful listing of Kaiao, the operation is very standardized. Our work is to select professional managers, do a good job in financial control, and promote strategic consistency and agreement." Tan Xuguang always combines the management experience of companies whose overseas curves, displacements and force values can be dynamically displayed on the digital display under normal circumstances

the same story was staged in Faraday, Italy, the world's largest luxury yacht manufacturer

"in terms of overseas operation and management, we have formulated active strategies and invested a lot of resources, but the actual results are still difficult to achieve the expected goals. We need to make greater efforts in cultural integration and the construction of a unified value system." Xuxinyu, CEO of Weichai Power, was deeply impressed. Faraday gave Weichai the opportunity to acquire because of the financial crisis, so how to integrate is a greater challenge. Over the past few years, the two sides have gradually established a cultural system with relatively unified values on various global business platforms of Faraday through difficult running in; The management characteristics of Weichai parent company and the inheritance of its own excellent management experience are reflected in the governance structure and management system; In accordance with local business practices, on the basis of maintaining necessary and effective parent subsidiary management and control, fully authorize local teams to guide Faraday's in-depth restructuring and reform

in boduan, a century old French engine enterprise, a new model m26.2 is bringing new vitality to the enterprise. "It has been 25 years since we last developed a new model." The production manager of the company proudly said. After bodua'an was acquired by Weichai, Weichai gave great financial help to the company every year, making it an important cutting-edge engine R & D and manufacturing base, filling the gap of Weichai 16L engine

now, Weichai's cross-border M & A is undoubtedly successful. In 2015, Kaiao group's performance reached another record high, becoming the most important profit source outside the engine sector, bringing rich return on investment; After difficult integration, Faraday gradually got rid of the financial crisis, returned to the normal state of manufacturing enterprises, and its performance was greatly improved; Linde hydraulic localization work started, and "Chinese cost + European quality" was accelerated; Boduan's new products began to be sold worldwide

"at present, these M & A companies have made good progress, and have achieved resource sharing and coordinated development with Weichai. We have achieved our original goals and commitments with solid actions step by step, which proves that Chinese enterprises can fully integrate the leading enterprises in developed countries." Tanxuguang said

Weichai takes the lead in "the the Belt and Road"

this Spring Festival, the Myanmar project team composed of 12 employees including liusen and Lu Lianzhu of Weichai import and export company is carrying out equipment installation and commissioning to promote the implementation of Weichai's local technology export projects as soon as possible. In Ethiopia further afield, another license production project between Weichai and the local government has been put into operation

at Shandong heavy industry India Co., Ltd., wanghuajie, deputy general manager, was on the production line, carefully checking the engines ready to go offline. The Indian company was officially put into operation in november2014. At present, both production and sales are booming. The company's main wp10/12 engine is favored by local customers. At present, it mainly produces marine power and industrial power products. Makarandpatil, the production plant director of Shandong heavy industries India, commented on the engine of the Indian company: it is the most powerful engine in the same industry in the Indian market at present, with good quality and localized service

the Indian factory of Shandong heavy industry is the test field for Weichai to build factories overseas and the bridgehead for developing the South Asian market. "For the Indian factory, we adopted the asset light operation mode, moved the entire domestic production line, and used the form of plant leasing to achieve production with the least investment, the fastest time and the least risk. In just two years, we achieved profitability." Xuzichun, deputy general manager of Shandong heavy industry, based in India, is very proud of this

Weichai has been deeply involved in the international market, accelerated the localization process, and gradually achieved channel coverage and service support for key regions in the world. At present, Weichai engine products have been sold to more than 110 countries and regions on five continents, with an overseas ownership of 300000 units. Among them, the exports related to the "the Belt and Road" account for more than 90% of the company's total exports. Southeast Asia and South Asia have achieved substantial growth in 2015

on February 13, there was still a spring festival atmosphere in China. At eurasiaboatshow2016 in Istanbul, fuxiaofei and zhangguoping, employees of Weichai import and export company, were busy introducing Weichai's marine generators to customers. In the following March, the Middle East (Dubai) power show and the Asia Pacific (Singapore) Maritime show will also become Showtime for Weichai products

"China's' the Belt and Road 'strategy supports two directions: connectivity and capacity cooperation. As a pioneer of the' the Belt and Road 'strategy, we now focus on capacity cooperation." Zhang Gengsheng, head of Weichai Power International Business, said, "Weichai's international strategic vision is slowly unfolding with the layout of the 'the Belt and Road'."

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