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Talking about the development of the fourth generation CNC gear hobbing machine from Genesis 130h. In 1540, J. toriano of Italy made a tooth cutting device using a rotary file when making clocks and watches. In 1835, J.B. Whitworth of Britain obtained the patent of worm gear hobbing machine. In 1858, C. Schiller obtained the patent of cylindrical gear hobbing machine. After several improvements, it was not until the German auter made the hobbing machine with differential mechanism in 1897 that the problem of machining helical gears was successfully solved. At the beginning of the 20th century, due to the rapid development of gear demand, especially in order to meet the production needs of the automotive industry, gear shaper, gear planer, gear milling machine, gear grinding machine, gear shaving machine and gear honing machine appeared successively. After half a century of development, it has formed the gear processing foundation of rolling, inserting, shaving, honing and grinding

in the current gear manufacturing industry, the gear processing technology of each company is roughly the same. Most automobile gears adopt the hobbing shaving heat treatment honing process, a few enterprises and some car enterprises adopt the hobbing heat treatment grinding process, while the heavy-duty gear transmission industry generally adopts the hobbing heat treatment grinding process. Gear hobbing plays an important role in automobile gear processing. Therefore, this weak signal must be amplified by an amplifier by more than 70%. It can be seen that gear hobbing plays an irreplaceable role in the field of gear processing

with the development of the times, companies have higher and higher requirements for the efficiency and quality of gear hobbing machines. Some users require CPK ≥ 1.67 and F α、 f β、 FP up to DIN level 6. In addition, high reliability and high degree of digitization are also the key considerations of each company. At present, gear hobbing machines generally have two types: rough machining and finish machining. The rough machining accuracy is lower than Grade 8, the general finish machining is grade 7 ~ 6, and the high-precision finish machining is higher than grade 6

development of hobbing machine technology

the development of hobbing machine manufacturing technology can be divided into two stages: mechanical hobbing machine and numerical control hobbing machine

the traditional mechanical transmission gear hobbing machine is characterized in that each spindle adopts a mechanical transmission form, including differential, tooth splitting, workpiece shaft, hob shaft and feed. Due to the inherent theoretical error and installation clearance of the transmission chain, the speed is very slow and the accuracy is very low. During operation, the hob is installed on the hob spindle, and the main motor rotates through the gear pair and worm gear pair drive; The tool holder can move vertically along the column guide rolling, and can also adjust an angle around the horizontal axis. The workpiece is installed on the workpiece shaft, driven by the indexing worm gear pair to rotate, and forms a generating motion together with the motion of the hob. When hobbing helical teeth, the differential mechanism makes the workpiece make corresponding additional rotation. The worktable (or column) can move along the bed guide rail to adapt to different workpiece diameters and radial feed

genesistm 130h numerical control gear hobbing machine exhibited at CIMT 2007

with the development of numerical control technology, there are 1-3 axis numerical control gear hobbing machines, some of which are digitally controlled by servo motors. It was not until the 1980s that the real six axis CNC gear hobbing machine appeared in the world. In the past 20 years, the development of CNC hobbing machines can be divided into four generations

the workpiece shaft and hob shaft of the first generation of CNC hobbing machine are driven by traditional worm and worm gear pairs, and the speed is still low, but the accuracy is improved. With the development of cutting tool technology, the cutting linear speed has been greatly improved. The original hobbing machine can no longer meet the high-speed cutting requirements of cutting tools, so the faster second generation CNC hobbing machine was born. The workpiece shaft and hob shaft are driven by gear pairs, and the speed is greatly improved. Gleason Phoenix 125gh is the representative of the second generation CNC hobbing machine

genesistm 130h artificial marble bed

the third generation of CNC gear hobbing machine appeared in the late 1990s, which has something to do with the merger of the world's two major gear equipment giants. Aute, the inventor of differential gear hobbing machine, founded pfauter company. For more than 100 years, pfauter company has been exploring, making the manufacturing technology of gear hobbing machine always in the leading position in the world. In 1997, the world famous bevel gear manufacturer Gleason company of the United States successfully acquired pfauter company of Germany. Through the strong cooperation of technology, the GP series of the third generation CNC hobbing machine was born. It is characterized by the use of full direct drive technology. The direct drive of workpiece shaft and hob shaft realizes the real full closed-loop control. The use of direct drive technology ensures high speed; Digital control compensation of electronic gearbox and mechanical clearance ensures high precision. At this time, the CNC gear hobbing machine seems to have reached its peak

as a leader in gear technology and equipment, in recent 10 years, based on years of gear machine tool manufacturing experience and continuous innovation consciousness, Gleason company has developed the fourth generation gear hobbing machine genesistm 130h, which is also the only fourth generation CNC gear hobbing machine in the world. Genesistm 130h adopts the "three in one" artificial marble bed, which is only used on high-precision grinding machines. It can be seen that rough machining has a great impact on the subsequent processes. At the same time, the genesistm 130h also applies the latest technologies such as rapid loading and unloading mechanism, dry cutting technology, quick change fixture, humanized man-machine interface, safety integration module, etc. CNC gear hobbing machine is developing towards super high speed, super precision, super reliability and super digitalization

the fourth generation CNC gear hobbing machine - genesis is used for high-precision TM 130h

Gleason Genesis TM 130h vertical gear hobbing machine has a breakthrough new design, which can optimize the dry cutting program, significantly reduce the floor area and greatly improve the beat time. The bed adopts the advanced artificial marble integral frame structure, which integrates the traditional bed with the machine tool column and tailstock column, and the upper part of the two columns is combined with a cross bar to form an integral frame. The advantage of using artificial marble is that it will not reduce the accuracy due to the passage of time and the change of temperature. In addition, it is faster, more accurate and has higher stiffness than the conventional cast iron bed. This not only ensures the superior vibration reduction effect and thermal stability, but also ensures a smaller and more compact floor area of the machine tool, only 7m2, so that users can install and move the machine tool only by forklift

the machine tool has the functions of wet cutting and dry cutting. The working area is completely isolated from the machine tool structure to minimize the thermal diffusion caused by contact with hot iron filings. Its stainless steel inner cover has a steep slope to facilitate the rapid transfer of iron filings. The machine is equipped with an innovative double gripper loader driven by a mechanical cam and integrated with the machine tool, which reduces the non production time, and the part loading/unloading time is only 2 ~ 3S

genesistm 130h uses the new and patent pending hob drive system to replace the complex mechanical and hydraulic clamping system, so that the main shaft can transmit more torque, and the smaller runout improves the tool life. The machine tool is equipped with a servo motor to directly drive the workpiece shaft and hob shaft, and the operation is reliable; The speed and torque adjustment range is larger, and the rotating speed of hob shaft can reach 4000r/min, and the workpiece shaft can reach 1000r/min; It provides a wide space for the use of high-speed hobs such as high-speed carbide hobs, reduces the beat time and increases the overall productivity. The overall pneumatic, lubrication and hydraulic modules, optional chamfer and deburring functions, and the latest Windows XP environment running gleamon software all contain advanced technology. The design and use of fixture quick change device can complete product replacement within 10 ~ 15min. In addition, the machine tool also uses the latest integrated safety module of Siemens 840D system, which greatly improves the reliability. The MTBF value of the numerical control device is far more than 6000h, and the MTBF value of the servo system is far more than 30000h, showing very high reliability

in April, 2007, the first gear hobbing machine with artificial marble bed and high-speed spindle direct drive produced locally in China was officially launched. This gear hobbing machine has been strictly tested, and all accuracy indexes and performance fully meet Gleason American and German standards, marking that the manufacturing technology of Chinese gear machine tools has stepped into a new height

the most advanced CNC gear hobbing machine in the world, genesistm 130h, was first put into production in China by Gleason. The machine tool adopts Siemens 840D numerical control system and has 7 numerical control axes (x axis is the radial axis, Y axis is the tangential axis, Z axis is the axial axis, a is the tool holder rotating axis, B is the hob spindle, C is the workpiece axis, Z2 is the tailstock axis), of which 4 are the linkage axes (x, Z, B and C); Adopt dry cutting technology and high-speed steel hob cutting; When the speed reaches 955r/min and the linear speed reaches 180m/min, it only takes 19S to complete the whole process of a single piece (including loading and unloading); Accuracy higher than DIN class 7; When used for precision machining, it can reach DIN class 5 or even higher, and truly achieve high precision and high speed

as shown in Table 1, the machining efficiency of genesistm 130h is more than 3.5 times that of ordinary CNC hobbing machine, which greatly saves machining time and improves cutting efficiency

future development direction of gear hobbing technology

efficiency is the most fundamental factor of benefit, quality is the source of life of products, and faster and more precise is the eternal development direction of gear hobbing machine. Under the guidance of scientific and technological progress and market demand, machine tools will continue to develop in the following directions in the future

first of all, the emergence of new tool materials, such as ceramics, cermets, silicon nitride ceramics, PCBN, PCD and other tool materials, provides a broad space for high-speed cutting, provides a foundation for improving cutting efficiency, and develops towards a higher speed

secondly, with the application of materials and technologies for high-precision machine tools in gear hobbing machines, gear hobbing technology will develop in a more precise direction

thirdly, NC is further intelligent, including all aspects in the NC system: in order to pursue the intellectualization of machining efficiency and machining quality, such as adaptive control of machining process and automatic generation of process parameters; In order to improve the driving performance and facilitate the use and connection, such as feedforward control, adaptive calculation of motor parameters, automatic load identification, automatic model selection, etc; Simplify the intelligence of programming and operation, such as intelligent automatic programming, intelligent man-machine interface, etc; In addition, the contents of intelligent diagnosis, intelligent monitoring, and convenient system diagnosis and maintenance

the gear hobbing machine is moving towards the direction of compound functions. With the development of numerical control technology, software technology, information technology and reliability technology, the components are simplified, the structure is compact and the configuration is modular. The compound function gear hobbing machine will not only develop to diversification according to the processing requirements of users, but also develop to full functionality for the conditions of multi variety, single piece and small batch production. In other aspects, with the high transmission efficiency and the continuous improvement of global environmental and safety requirements, safe and pollution-free equipment is also the future goal of the market

generalistm 130h has 7 NC axes


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