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Lovol Ceres cb03 (cr3d4) becomes the star of Central Plains corn harvester

Lovol Ceres cb03 (cr3d4) becomes the star of Central Plains corn harvester

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recently, Shangqiu City, Xuchang City, Henan Province and other places began to harvest corn one after another. Unlike in the past, the yield of corn harvesters in these areas this year has been high and the efficiency has been improved. In addition, the effect of machine harvest is getting better and better, and the corn grains scattered in the past are less in the field, Machine operators are no longer bothered by turning around and rolling the ground repeatedly in the field. Why are there so many changes? Because there is a corn harvester specially designed and developed for the Central Plains region, which is a "6.75 meter short body, efficient and reliable, just right for use, a new classic of corn harvesters in the Central Plains region" - Lovol Ceres cb03 (cr3d4) corn harvester

it is understood that since 2014, Lovol Ceres cb03 (cr3d4) series corn machines, mainly Lovol Ceres cb03 (cr3d4), have achieved more than 8000 fixed lifts. However, once an order is placed, the sales contribution of Lovol Ceres cb03 (cr3d4) reaches more than 50%, which shows that users recognize and love this product. "Lovol Valley God, a short body product, is very good, especially flexible, no particle leakage, fast, and good return effect. I bought one this year." Liushouxue, a user in Minquan County, Shangqiu City, said with emotion after driving

according to the personnel of Foton Lovol heavy industry technology research institute, Lovol Ceres cb03 (cr3d4) corn harvester is a classic corn harvester specially tailored for the Central Plains region by Foton Lovol heavy industry. On the basis of learning from the original mature products, this machine retains the original mature large corn harvester's excellent indicators such as configuration, materials, performance, efficiency and reliability, takes into account vehicle performance and flexibility, and tries to shorten the body, It further improves the working efficiency of the corn harvester, meets the needs of users in the Central Plains region for efficient, reliable and short body corn harvesters, and creates a new classic of the Central Plains corn harvester products

specifically, Lovol Ceres cb03 (cr3d4) corn harvester has achieved two breakthroughs in machine harvesting efficiency and machine harvesting effect, while taking into account the reliability and flexibility of the whole machine. With the market positioning of "classic" products, it has gradually become the "Star" product of machine harvesting in the Central Plains region

in the low-temperature area, first of all, in terms of improving the harvesting efficiency, its ear picking system adopts three groups of roller type ear picking table, and the length of the ear picking roller is lengthened in the design process. In the process of ear picking and stem pulling, a large part of the peel of the ear is peeled off at the ear picking table, which not only reduces the pressure of the peeling system, realizes the smoothness of harvest, but also improves the stripping rate of the ear; In terms of improving the operation effect, Lovol Ceres cb03 (cr3d4) corn conveyor collection and ear processing system has also been upgraded, using a central elevator, three groups of high and low roller peeling machines in the vertical, inclined placement of trash fans, especially the double screw auger grain cleaning mechanism. The bracts are turned forward by the upper auger, then led into the lower auger, and then turned backward again, thoroughly putting the hidden grains into the recycling tank, and cleaning is clean; The straw treatment system adopts the straight knife + scimitar combined field returning machine with the best crushing effect. In addition to the traditional stem returning, the bract guide plate is also set behind the grain cleaning system to guide the bracts originally scattered behind the field returning machine into the front end of the field returning machine, and crush and return the field together with the stem. It is more convenient to dry or bury the crushed stem

while meeting the operation efficiency and forming a glass protective layer on the material surface and the operation effect, another biggest advantage of Lovol Ceres cb03 (cr3d4) corn machine is its compact size, which can be described as "not big or small, just right for use." The length of the whole vehicle is 6.75 meters, which is considered to be the golden size of corn machine products in the industry. This length not only meets the layout needs of the working device of the harvester itself, but also effectively controls the size of the whole vehicle, achieving the compactness and flexibility of the whole vehicle. Turning around in the field has become the "specialty" of Lovol Valley God cb03 (cr3d4)

"only by focusing on the needs of customers can we make products that users are satisfied with. Foton Lovol assumes that the oil delivery valve of the electronic universal experimental machine shows abnormal sound or vibration, and the product research and development has always focused on the core of customer needs, thus realizing the market situation of accurate product positioning, fast research and development, good evaluation, and meeting the comprehensive needs of users." Wang binru, assistant general manager of Foton Lovol heavy industry and general manager of agricultural clothing marketing company, said above

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