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Xuzhou Dongming news trm220 drilling rig reached a new high in drilling depth

Xuzhou Dongming news trm220 drilling rig reached a new high in drilling depth

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Guide: after the new year's day of 2007, trm220 construction in Weinan, Henan Province has been reported repeatedly, and trm220 performance on the site is as good as that of construction and automotive industry people: pile diameter 1.8m, drilling depth 59.8m. This is another breakthrough after Xuzhou Dongming machinery adopted the independently developed new hydraulic system and optimized structural parts. Xuzhou Dongming Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd

after the new year's day of 2007, the good news of trm220 constructed in Weinan, Henan Province has been repeated. Trm220 performed well on the construction site: the pile diameter was 1.8 meters, and the drilling depth was 59.8 meters. This is another breakthrough after Xuzhou Dongming machinery adopted the independently developed new hydraulic system and optimized structural parts

Xuzhou Dongming Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is one of the earliest enterprises in China to produce rotary drilling rigs, with rich experience in equipment manufacturing and equipment construction. In view of the large investment, bad construction environment and complex construction conditions of rotary drilling rigs, we have formed our own distinctive characteristics from the design, manufacturing, sales and mechanical experiments

in terms of design and manufacturing, we have absorbed the technical advantages of foreign drilling rigs and combined with domestic construction conditions, which has distinctive technical characteristics

stability: the specially designed chassis has the characteristics of uniform weight distribution and low center of gravity position, which improves the stability of the whole machine in the working process

In addition to the above items, there are some advanced tensile machines on the market

reliability: components from world-class suppliers are used to ensure system reliability. Professional structural parts manufacturers provide complete machine structural parts

Economy: reasonable power matching reduces fuel consumption and construction costs. The selection of components with good versatility makes the maintenance more convenient and the use cost lower

sales and service: professional products need professional sales and service

in the early stage, truthfully and objectively report the market and income of rotary drilling rigs to customers, assist customers in analyzing investment income, and let customers make rational choices

in the later stage, service is the foundation of our company's survival, so that customers have absolutely no worries. Such as long-term professional tracking service, regular tour service, lifelong free technical consulting service, etc

customer purchase is only a small step to complete our cooperation:

1. Dongming will also help customers form a professional construction team and help customers establish a set of reasonable construction management system and salary system

2. Assist customers in selecting reasonable construction projects, so that customers can obtain higher profits in project operation

3. Rotary drilling rig Alliance: organized by Dongming company, the rotary drilling rig alliance helps alliance users expand business and protects the interests of alliance users, establishes a bridge between the construction party and the construction party, and realizes resource sharing within the alliance

a) project information sharing

① solve the contradiction between users with drilling rigs and construction companies with drilling rigs. Through information sharing, users can find the most suitable project

② maximize benefits and minimize risks: share relevant information of the construction party, so that internal users of the alliance can understand the project overview and the credit of the construction party. Protect the interests of alliance users

③ within the alliance, senior experts provide reasonable construction schemes according to the project conditions

b) reasonable allocation of construction resources

kindergartens spend more and more on all kinds of teaching aids

① users can take the alliance as a backup, undertake large projects, and solve equipment and other problems through alliance coordination

② construction accessories are shared, such as drill pipes, drilling tools, etc. Users in the alliance can rent first

in a word, it is also the most fundamental principle for Dongming company to cooperate with customers to maximize the benefits of customers

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