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LianBo reported on the annual meeting of leaders, which attracted national attention for cross-border integration. The 2014 annual meeting of leaders was held grandly in Binhai New Area, Tianjin. More than 600 well-known experts and scholars from home and abroad from the professional fields of ICT industry such as service outsourcing, interconnection, finance, big data, cloud computing and so on gathered at the meeting. The annual meeting of leaders is a grand event of the service outsourcing industry jointly created by Dingtao Industrial Research Institute and China outsourcing. So far, it has been successfully held for three times. Today, 4. The annual meeting of starting oil pump motor is closely centered on the theme of cross-border integration, finding new boundaries of service outsourcing, understanding the performance of pressure testing machines and the effectiveness projects provided by the enterprise. On the 22nd, "LianBo", broadcast by CCTV, also reported on this conference, saying that the leaders' annual conference was a conference on service outsourcing industry when the interval between the two chucks changed, which represented the height and voice of China's service outsourcing industry

CCTV "LianBo" reported the grand occasion of the annual meeting of the leaders

for the successful convening of the annual meeting of the leaders, "LianBo" carried out publicity from multiple perspectives in the report that night. Through the report, we can see that the conference was full, and many service outsourcing and ICT industry giants published their understanding and thinking of cross-border integration at the conference. At the meeting, Mr. qihaitao, the president of Dingtao Industrial Research Institute and the CEO of Tianjin Dingtao Outsourcing Service Co., Ltd., a company whose products are widely used in the field of transportation and China Outsourcing, delivered a speech on the stage, and met with representatives of well-known overseas contracting enterprises on the spot

CCTV "LianBo" reported the grand occasion of the annual meeting of leaders

it is worth mentioning that the 2014 annual meeting of leaders is the only meeting in the domestic service outsourcing industry that has been paid attention to and reported by CCTV "LianBo" so far. The annual meeting of leaders has once again proved its great influence with its high-quality content and depth, At the same time, this report also highly recognizes the industrial status and consulting ability of Dingtao Industrial Research Institute, the host of the conference

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