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Xu Jiaohui's experience: raise your head "tall and tall" and lower your head "small fine tip"

Xu Jiaohui's experience: raise your head "tall and tall" and lower your head "small fine tip" to finished composite parts and complete clad composite parts and assemblies

China Construction machinery information

smart enough to dance hip-hop with music; Deep well drilling rigs big enough to dig 1500 meters deep... These construction machinery products representing the most cutting-edge technology at home and abroad gathered at the second China (Xuzhou) International Construction Machinery Fair, which opened on November 5, attracting industry experts and enterprise merchants from home and abroad, and opening their eyes

a total of 311 enterprises participated in this Xu fair, with a display area of 70000 square meters, which is divided into outdoor and indoor exhibition areas. Among them, the indoor exhibition area is 20000 square meters and the outdoor exhibition area is 50000 square meters

at the XCMG booth in the outdoor exhibition area, there are cranes with long arms, huge loaders, towering rotary drilling rigs... A large construction machinery is neatly arranged, which is spectacular. In the outdoor exhibition area, XCMG has the largest booth area, reaching 3565 square meters. This time, XCMG group brought 43 sets of construction machinery from nearly 10 series, including hoisting machinery, excavation machinery, road machinery, piling machinery, concrete machinery, shovel transport machinery, non excavation machinery, etc., with a strong lineup

at the scene, the staff of XCMG group introduced several representative exhibits with great interest. First of all, it is an 8-ton large loader that does not "drink" diesel but "drink" natural gas. According to the introduction, in response to the national environmental protection requirements, it is the general trend to use natural gas fuel for loaders at present, but at present, there are not many domestic construction machinery enterprises with this technology, and XCMG is one of them. In front of a deep well drilling rig in the southeast corner of hengdui, the staff stopped and introduced that although this machine looks not amazing, it can reach 1500 meters underground. It is mainly used for energy exploration, such as natural gas exploration. The successful research and development of this machine filled the domestic gap. "Previously, this kind of machine was imported from abroad. Now we XCMG independently developed it successfully, which should be said to break the foreign monopoly." The staff member said with great pride

the opposite of XCMG's booth is the caterpillar exhibition area, with an area of 2400 square meters and nearly 20 exhibits. At the scene, the launch ceremony of xiaodig's new products attracted the onlookers of guests. I saw a mini excavator dance "hip-hop" with the music, which can not only do all kinds of difficult movements, but also keep up with the music. The guests were happy, but also excited under the pressure of environmental challenges. The company did not give tut tut praise and bursts of applause when it claimed that this was a milestone event. A staff member in the exhibition area told: "high flexibility is the biggest advantage of this small excavator. This series of products are our company's flagship products, which are particularly popular with customers."

it is also a small excavator, and the products of vikonosen also have their own advantages. "The most prominent feature of the small excavator produced by our enterprise is the side engine. It is not easy to produce high temperature, and it is particularly convenient for maintenance." Introduced by the manufacturer representative of vikonosen

in addition to these cute little digs, many large and medium-sized excavators were also displayed on the scene. Xiagong, Liugong, Longgong... Made the guests dizzying. It is understood that at this exhibition, the booths of Xiamen Industrial Group, Longgong, Liugong and Shanhe intelligent cover an area of 1200 square meters, and the booths of Zoomlion and Vick cover an area of 600 square meters

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