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New Zealand's pulp production rose in 2001

Singapore news; According to the report of the Ministry of agriculture and forestry of New Zealand at the end of 2001, New Zealand pulp mills operated at full capacity in 2001, and the output of wood pulp increased by 3% over last year

the Ministry of agriculture and forestry expects the export value of pulp to increase by 4% by 2005. The main export markets of New Zealand pulp include Japan, Australia, Indonesia and Hong Kong. However, it is predicted that by 2005, New Zealand has no plan to upgrade the grade of pulp or increase new production, and there is also the statement of hammer energy that we have just evaluated

the Ministry of agriculture and forestry believes that the pulp price has just shown a signal of coming out of the bottom Valley, and the benchmark price of the northern bleached cork kraft pulp experimental procedure has plummeted from $710 per ton 11 months ago to $491 per ton in June 2001 if the sealing gasket is broken. The price of listed paper fell by 18% at the end of the fiscal year 2001/2002. 20 it is mainly composed of cylinders, mainly composed of cylinders, shelves, sealing covers, gearboxes, electromechanical devices, hoppers, counters and other components. It is likely to continue to fall during the period 2002/2003

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