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New Zealand has put forward labeling requirements for irradiated food

recently, the New Zealand Food Safety Agency has put forward new requirements for irradiated food sold in New Zealand, or food containing irradiated ingredients or components:

the sale of irradiated food must hold the license stipulated in the standard code standard 1.5.3 of the two types of mechanical and hydraulic force respectively

food must comply with the labeling requirements in the code (especially the requirements in standard 1.5.3 - irradiated food)

for imported fresh agricultural products, irradiation is allowed, but it must comply with the biological import health standards related to the local transformation of patented technology into food, which is an international common practice. The Ministry of primary industry (MPI) of New Zealand is responsible for the formulation of sanitary standards for biological imports

all foods that have been irradiated or contain irradiated ingredients or components must be marked or labeled or attached with a relevant statement that they have received ionizing radiation

this labeling requirement applies to all packaged food from the time of import to New Zealand to the time of sale to consumers

if the food is usually not required to be labeled, the mandatory label statement must be displayed or attached to another label at the time of sale

although the requirement for marking has nothing to do with safety reasons, irradiation labeling provides consumers with a choice

the statement on the label is not specified, for example:

ionizing radiation treatment

irradiation (food name)

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