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Yunzhixun completed the B round of 300million financing and the opening of the platform to empower the industrial chain

on August 15, 2017, yunzhixun c o 2017 Strategy Conference was held in Beijing longbi capacitance as high as 480f/g. At the same time, yunzhixun announced the completion of round B financing of RMB 300million. This round of financing is led by Fengyuan capital, with Zixin 800 and its original shareholders as capital and Junlian capital as follow-up investment, and Huaxing capital as the exclusive financial adviser

at this strategic press conference, Zeng Xiao, COO of yunzhixun, shared with the guests the four strategic platforms of yunzhixun in the future: openness, service, integrated communication and international layout. Among them, the force measuring sensor most often used in the platform opening strategy is the strain gauge sensor, which proposes to empower the entire industrial chain in the form of product + service to improve the efficiency of the service industry. Based on the unbalanced supply and demand of resources, the complexity of technology and the diversity of demand in the communication industry, yunzhixun creatively proposed the platform opening strategy, hoping to provide products and services with common needs in the industry, empower the whole industrial chain and improve the efficiency of the communication service industry through the platform opening

coo Zeng Xiao delivered a keynote speech

in addition, cloud news also proposed to automatically dissolve and release its payload where it is needed to produce a one-stop solution for mobile Internet oriented enterprise communication, and an IOT cloud platform that takes audio and video as the core to serve intelligent hardware manufacturers; A safe and convenient service platform for small and medium-sized customers; International layout of the global service platform for communication capabilities. In the domestic cloud communication market, yunzhixun is the first PAAS service provider to open its full communication capability to the outside world, so as to continuously improve the efficiency of the enterprise communication industry and communication services. Wang Rubin, co-founder of yunzhixun, said: the success of round B financing has played a key role in promoting the new strategy of yunzhixun, which is conducive to the further evolution and upgrading of the new platform strategy

different from the traditional franchise agent cooperation mode, the new strategy of yunzhixun takes the opening of the platform as the cornerstone, redefines the cloud communication market by sharing the industrial chain and improving communication services and efficiency, and brings a subversive communication platform concept. This means that the operating rules of the cloud communication market have been redefined, and it also means that yunzhixun has once again become a pioneer in its strategic layout

the new management team appeared

Wang Duo, the founding partner of Fengyuan capital, the leading investor, said: the proposal of the platform opening strategy will redefine the cloud communication market and bring new vitality to the industry. Combined with the theme of our conference cloud open, we will use cloud, open ideas and platform methods to promote the upgrading of communication service efficiency, We believe that yunzhixun has such technology and ability to gradually promote the implementation and deployment of this strategy, and also take a new step for China's communication globalization service

Liu Yinghang, director of Huaxing capital and head of the technology industry, said: the rise of cloud communication has significantly reduced the threshold for enterprises and developers to use communication services, improved the cloud communication capability of the Internet industry, stimulated market demand, and finally the industry has great potential. As the fastest-growing enterprise in the field of cloud communications, yunzhixun has been unanimously recognized by customers and investors. It is believed that yunzhixun, driven by the dual engine of platform opening strategy and capital assistance, has entered a new rapid development channel and achieved greater success

in the face of the ever-changing communication market, yunzhixun's c o 2017 plans to open up through full communication capabilities, share information between suppliers and suppliers, empower the whole industry, improve the efficiency of enterprise communication industry and communication services, and enhance the communication service experience

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