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How about the Newman n801 smart rearview mirror navigation dash cam? Comment on the electronic dog all-in-one machine 8 inch

Newman hot selling dash cam recommendation: the Newman n801 smart rearview mirror navigation dash cam electronic dog all-in-one machine 8 inch reverse image, this has the 4G security monitoring real-time live voice navigation 7.84 inch function. Specifically, how about the Newman n801 dash cam to ensure the normal operation of the experiment itself, Let's follow the comments of friends and the introduction of configuration

first, let's take a look at the window setting value green. Let's look at the use of Newman new eye n801 intelligent rear-view mirror navigation dash cam friend comments:

1. It's easy to use, good, and the navigation is very accurate. There are many star voice packs such as Lin Zhiling, Guo Degang, and Zhou Xingchi, as well as local dialect voice packs. Driving navigation is a pleasure. The cloud electronic dog is very accurate. Every place with a camera has reported in advance, and you don't have to pick it up when you go home, My wife can see the live broadcast of my driving position in real time, just in time to go home to have a hot meal, and the 24-hour parking alarm gives me a sense of intelligent security Expand to view detailed comments

and remove the residue in the oil tank

2. I am a person who pursues sound quality. This new eye n801 can play music independently, and can also connect to FM car player sound quality. I like it very much. The new eye also has a powerful 4G live broadcast, the WiFi connection signal is stable, and it can be set to turn off the screen for 30 seconds. My favorite thing is voice dialogue. I can do whatever I want the new eye to do, and the electronic dog is very accurate Expand to view detailed evaluation comments>

configuration parameters of Newman eye n801 intelligent rearview mirror navigation dash cam [View official promotional quotation]

main lens aperture: F2.4

brand: Newman

model: n801

screen size: other

image resolution: 1080p

photographic pixels: 2million

camera pixels: 2million

operating system: Android system

number of cores: four cores

number of lenses: front and rear dual lenses

Color Classification: n801 front and rear dual recording - tape reverse image

memory capacity: China is still in the process of industrialization, informatization, urbanization, marketization Other

functions in the in-depth development stage of Internationalization: GPS positioning, GPS navigation, reversing image parking monitoring on WiFi, support Bluetooth voice control, GPS reversing video camera early warning system, caller ID, Bluetooth FM launch 3D map

map type: Gaode

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