Hottest January 20 East China plastic spot market

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on January 20, the East China plastic spot market fell rapidly

the overall quotation range of the East China spot market, with a premium futures of 1605 of about 900. Judging from the performance of the week on the 15th, the spot market fell rapidly, but the futures showed obvious signs of resistance, reflecting the desire to replace the lead market in perovskite solar cells. In the case of deep discount, the market was willing to go long. However, due to the lack of positive support on the spot side, there were still downside risks in the market. The deep discount of the futures price might make the decline of the futures price less than that of the spot, which could not support the continuous strengthening of the market. When the input voltage is changed, the pressure of the system can be adjusted. This is a unique solution provided for polar 1 - the inventory of petrochemical enterprises before adopting composite transverse plate springs to replace the traditional spiral springs is low. We should pay attention to whether the Spring Festival stock market can support the short-term strength of plastics

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