Launch of the latest environmental friendly plasti

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Beijing future vision Environmental Protection Technology Development Co., Ltd. has launched a new environmental protection plastic wood material developed through polymer modification technology. This kind of material is made of waste plastics and crop stalks as the main raw materials, added with specific functional additives, adopted special processing conditions, and filled and modified by processing equipment with special structure. The product has the advantages of complete recyclability, no pollution, no toxicity and so on

actively integrate into the national research and development platform of the material genome project

this environmental friendly plastic wood material can be used for the production of packaging products, such as pallets, packaging boxes, backing plates, etc. it can also be widely used in the construction and decoration industries, such as doors, windows, partitions, wallboards, floors, roofs, outdoor balcony boards, outdoor tables and chairs, etc. The material has high cost performance and can be used as a substitute for wood in various fields, with great market potential

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