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The latest version of connected components workbench software of Rockwell Automation improves the design efficiency

the latest version of China industrial control information Rockwell Automation Co the total investment of the center is nearly 40million yuan

the connected components workbench software of Rockwell Automation improves the design efficiency

with the help of the latest version of connected components Wo of Rockwell automation, it is convenient for the industrialization and industrialization of products, Industrial engineers can design and configure independent machines more efficiently. The latest version of the software has a number of new features and enhancements to improve download and build performance, thus creating a more efficient and friendly design process

The latest version of the

connected components workbench features the following highlights:

new global and local variable data cells, which can help engineers speed up project development. For example, with the quick declaration function, users can create multiple variables with the same prefix, suffix and data type with one click. The filter bar is simple and intuitive, making it easy for users to quickly find labels

enhanced operation mode change (RMC) function, users can do it without downloading the project source code. As a result, you can speed up and create a smoother and more perfect seamless design experience

add the controller project manager view, so that engineers can choose to switch to Logix theme programming. This allows them to program in a more familiar environment and leverage ladder logic in the studio 5000 Logix designer application by copying and pasting

the global connection function of the existing system tags in the PanelView 800 Designstation is enhanced, which can improve the flexibility of the user to configure the remote system connection

for independent machines based on Rockwell Automation small control system, the connected components workbench helps to simplify the development process. In a single software environment, engineers can configure, program and visualize the main control components of the developed machine for independently replacing the suitable pendulum (the strike energy of the large pendulum is 30011, press the "quick drop" key J, and the small pendulum is 150j). In addition, you can use tools such as the micro800 emulator to validate application code without using hardware

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