Launch of 180000 ton ABS technical transformation

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The 180000 ton ABS technical transformation project of Jilin Petrochemical Co., Ltd. has been launched recently

the synthetic resin plant of PetroChina Jilin Petrochemical Company introduced the ABS patented technology of Japanese synthetic rubber company and built the national 2 It is the largest 100000 t/a ABS device in China that eliminates the influence of raw resin and color masterbatch, and has become a domestic ABS product production base. In order to expand the production scale of the device and improve the product quality, the plant has carried out technical transformation on the ABS device, and the annual output reached 15.8 tons in June2002. In order to further tap and tap the potential of equipment in China under the condition of continuously improving product performance and quality, the plant has decided to carry out technical transformation of the equipment again, and the production capacity of the equipment will reach 180000 tons per year. At present, the technical transformation project has been in full swing. It has been formally constructed in early April this year. It is expected to be completed and put into operation in November this year, realizing the effective investment in that year

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