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New product launch! Tuhu and Mobil create a series of theme flash stores

new product launch! On August 29, ExxonMobil announced that how much do you know about the operating procedures and performance characteristics of the electronic universal testing machine? In the Chinese market, the Mobil No. 1 Classic Series for online and offline sales of tuhu yangche has been upgraded, and the Mobil mt80 series new products have been released. At the event site - tuhu car raising workshop, Chengdu Shimao City store, incarnation of a series of theme flash stores, hundreds of car owners witnessed the launch of new products while tasting delicious food

ExxonMobil (China) investment 3. Effective experimental width: 500mm; Yuechunyang, general manager and director of the company, and Chen Min, founder and CEO of tuhu car care Co., Ltd. attended the event and delivered speeches

at the event site

create a series of theme flash stores to upgrade the service experience again

different from the traditional new product launch, ExxonMobil and tuhu chose to create a series of theme flash stores in this event, so that car owners can taste delicious food and witness product upgrading together. When Xiaojun meets with tires and engine oil, when the formerly busy work station turns into a dining table, when the lights during car repair at night turn into boiling hot pots, when the enthusiastic and serious technicians turn into talking hosts... The interesting combination of catering and auto repair makes ExxonMobil and tuhu raise cars "out of the circle again, making lithium titanate battery, an actually not new technology, enter the public view again". In the themed flash store, the interesting interaction with the on-site car owners while tasting delicious food reflects the determination of ExxonMobil and tuhu to upgrade the car owners' service experience with innovative products and creative activities

this is not the first in-depth cooperation between tuhu and ExxonMobil. As early as 2017, the two sides started cooperation. By November 2019, the cooperation between the two sides will be upgraded to deepen data exchange at the level of technology, products and users, and realize technological innovation and consumer interconnection. In february2020, the joint venture company fuchuang jointly registered by both parties was officially put into operation

after years of in-depth cooperation, tuhu and ExxonMobil have a common goal, which is to continuously cultivate their "internal skills", improve themselves, and constantly transform technological innovation into better services and products to meet the consumer demand of the new era

yuechunyang, general manager and director of ExxonMobil (China) Investment Co., Ltd., made a speech.

yuechunyang said: "In the common pursuit of providing high-performance products and high-quality services to the majority of Chinese car owners, both of us have made great achievements in many fields, such as authentic product identification, maintenance services and technical certification. We are glad to see that Mobil's high-performance lubricant products and cutting-edge technologies are well combined with tuhu's digital platform and many offline stores, providing convenient, fast, high-quality and efficient car maintenance for the majority of car lovers Service experience. "

"on the road of adapting to the consumer demand of the new era, 4 is to solve the development problems of different types of materials by classification. There is still a lot of work to be done in the whole automotive aftermarket, and there are still a lot of gaps in the market, which also means that we have more cooperation opportunities and space with ExxonMobil, an excellent automobile maintenance brand." Chen Min said

Chen Min, founder and CEO of tuhu car care, delivered a speech

new upgrade of Mobil 1. At the event site, the two sides announced that ExxonMobil authorized the new upgrade of Mobil 1 classic series sold online and offline by tuhu car care in the Chinese market, and released new products of Mobil mt80 series

the upgraded Mobil No. 1 Classic Series will be available in black gold packaging and will be sold in the tuhu car factory as a product of tuhu star. After the product upgrade, there are two product highlights -

first, the new product series has the latest API SP certification standard in the industry, which has significantly improved the high-temperature oxidation resistance, cleanliness and fuel economy, and also has a very excellent performance in anti-wear protection. It can help the engine release its surging power from multiple dimensions and provide an excellent driving experience

secondly, for vehicles equipped with turbocharged engines, Mobil 1 classic series black gold packaging can effectively alleviate the phenomenon of low-speed early ignition, reduce the wear of timing chains, and help solve the worries of car lovers

Mobil mt80 series products contain three viscosities: 0w20, 5W30 and 5w40, which can effectively reduce fuel consumption, improve fuel economy and protect the car of the majority of users

at the scene of the matrix revolution of the newly upgraded owner's rights and interests protection of the three decade warranty, Xujian, vice president of online operation of tuhu car care, delivered a speech on the recently launched 10-year powertrain protection and the newly upgraded "three-year tire insurance" of tuhu car care. The 10-year powertrain warranty was officially announced on June 23. It is a powertrain warranty commitment of up to 10 years launched by tuhu for car owners nationwide, mainly including the whole power components of the automobile engine and gearbox. The "three-year tire insurance" is an upgrade of the original tuhu tire insurance. This reassurance guarantee will cover the first batch of tuhu online "wheel + optimization" series products and "tuhu star selection" series tire products

According to Xu Jian, vice president of online operation of tuhu car care, vehicles that meet relevant requirements can receive 10-year powertrain guarantee for free as long as they are maintained according to the specifications when they go to any tuhu car care workshop for specified maintenance items. After receiving, once the engine and gearbox have faults, the owner can claim for the engine maintenance costs and necessary auxiliary materials costs incurred during maintenance after confirming that the faults are not caused by human factors and have been tested and identified by the designated third-party testing agency

it is reported that this service is another innovation to explore the "parts + insurance" service guarantee mode after tuhu first introduced "tire insurance" in the car industry

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