Laws and regulations on village and town planning

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The laws and regulations on urban and rural planning are expected to be "two in one"

at present, the current situation that China applies different laws and regulations to urban and rural planning is expected to change. The 27th meeting of the Standing Committee of the Tenth National People's Congress, which began in Beijing today, began to deliberate on the draft urban and rural planning law submitted by the State Council for deliberation. This draft "integrates" the existing laws and regulations on urban and rural planning

at present, China's urban planning is applicable to the urban planning law adopted at the 11th meeting of the Standing Committee of the National People's Congress, which was adopted in december1989 and is increasingly used by the aerospace industry to manufacture lightweight materials; The regulations on the administration of planning and construction of villages and market towns issued by the State Council in june1993 shall apply to the planning of villages and towns

the financial and Economic Committee of the National People's Congress believes that it is necessary to combine the current "one law and one regulation" on urban and rural planning and formulate a unified urban and Rural Planning Law:

first of all, the "one law and one regulation" has a comparative principle on planning preparation, which has affected the improvement and scientificity of some planning preparation levels. Some plans lack sufficient expert argumentation and extensive social participation; Many urban planning is not coordinated with the carrying capacity of environmental resources and the requirements of economic and social development; Some village and town plans are divorced from rural characteristics and farmers' production and living needs, resulting in the newly approved plans having to be re compiled

second, the "one law and one regulation" only stipulates in principle the revision of urban master planning, village and market town planning, without specifying the specific revision procedures and relevant requirements; Inadequate supervision and restriction on planning and construction; There are more and more acts such as arbitrarily modifying the plan, using the strength testing machine for door and window corners in violation of the regulations to carry out construction, or there is no law to be borne, or the punishment is too light, and there is no restriction on the current prominent problems such as expanding the construction scale and using the land in violation of the plan approval

third, at present, China legislates separately for urban and rural planning, and there is a lack of overall coordination between urban and rural planning. Especially in the development of some cities, many villages and towns have been transformed into established towns. Before and after their planning and management, two laws and regulations should be applied, which is difficult to coordinate. Moreover, the legislative position of village and town planning is low and the binding force is insufficient

it is understood that the draft urban and rural planning law for the first operation of the oil pump submitted for deliberation consists of 7 chapters and 73 articles, which respectively stipulate the formulation, implementation, modification, and correct use of the planning, supervision and inspection, and laws

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